Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cherry blossom love

Urban Outfitters: Floral Crown 

Mars in Berkeley: Vintage dress 

Dooney and Bourke: Satchel 

Jeffrey Campbell: Foxy T-strap 

Old Navy: Earrings 

Photography: Andrew Zhou

Hello my beautiful readers, 

Last year in March/April I was able visit Japan and see all the beautiful cherry blossoms bloom! Cherry blossoms are my favorite type of flowers, so I was in bliss! My photographer did an amazing job creating the Sakura feeling with his editing skills. Oh how I wish to see them bloom again!

This dress would be perfect for any wedding or in my case something I'd wear at my Bible assembly. I love how the dress is lightweight and flows with the wind. It's also a great example of showing the elegance of a modest dress.

I Wore my huge platforms to give me some extra height. Wedge heels would also be a great way to complete this look. 

Braided my hair and pinned it to the top of my head. I Curled the hair to frame my face. It's a great way to create a Bohemian hairstyle. 

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

With much love,

Khailey Escobedo

Iphone ootd: 2014 Memorial

What I'm wrearing:

Thrifted: Blouse 

Banana Republic: Pink Skirt

Steve Madden: Ravesh Heels and Clutch

And my baby styled by me 

What he's wearing: 

Macy's: Tie

Banana Republic: Oxford shoes 

Express: Suit 

My cousin and I on our way to the memorial :) 

Nude manicure with a glittery statement  finger, sorry that it chipped the day after ��

Close up on makeup and accessories!

Necklace was purchased on my in Paris and earrings Old Navy.


Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh heel purchased through poshmark.


Both purchased at Macy's



Hellos beautiful readers, 

Today I got to show you how I styled myself and my lovely boyfriend thanks to Banana Republic. I wanted to use this opportunity to coordinate matching outfits! Started with our gray shoes, and our main color was pink. Pinning your hair away from your face automatically creates that princess feeling. I wanted to create a look that was sweet and romantic.

I purchased all of the items at Banana Republic last week, so it should be still in store. The items that were not on sale have links above. 

I would love to see what you wore to the memorial, feel free to tag me on Instagram at khic_etiquette ! 

With much love,

Khailey Escobedo 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Iphone ootd: Tara's Ice Cream & Sunday Worship

Forver 21: Hat 

Urban Outfitters: Detachable collar 

Target: Kate Young flame heels 

Michael Kors: Hamilton luggage tote 

Thrift: Belt

H&M: Dress
Mmmm Tara's Mexican chocolate on a sesame cone!

Hello beautiful readers,

I'm going to start posting my Instagram outfit of the days now on my blog! This way you can get to know me on a more personal level and also I don't have to wait for one of my photographers ;) 

Friday nightf my friends and I decided to go to Berkely! California weather has been very odd from pouring rain to dessert hot. That's why I decided to wear my trench cape and a hate for extra warmth! The classic red lip helps tie in the whole vintage look.

Sunday's look. is the essential little black dress! By simply adding a collar and red belt I was able to create a vintage look. The dress would look modern with simply wearing the dress with some ankle strap pumps and a statement necklace. 
A month ago I created a mod look with this same dress. With a floppy hat, knee high boots and twiggy inspired makeup!  As you can see this dresss is very versatile! 

The black dress is currently on sale at. H&M for $7! They also have a beautiful burgundy color! 

You can also see my daily adventures on Instagram at Khic_Etiquette! 

With much love,

Khailey Escobedo 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Music festival: Country Gal

Daiso: $1.50 hat 

Floral crown: 

Target: Polka dot dress 

Thrift: H&M boots, Dooney and Bourke purse, and H&M cardigan 

Photographer: Do the peace sign!
Me: But but I've already done it for the first two! 
Photographer: Do the peace sign!


Photography: Olive Black 

Hello my beautiful readers,

Here's my last Coachella inspired look.It's also another way you can style you're floral crown, wrapped around your hat! Hats are the best way to add some personality to your outfit while protecting yourself from the sun! A strapless dress is also a great way to get a tan without those pesky lines, and you knew you will be getting a Lot of sun at Coachella! Thanks to thrifting, this whole outfit was under $20.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend if you went to a Coachella or had a nochella ;)

With much love, 

Khailey Escobedo 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Music Festival: Bohemian Chic

Thrift: dress, vintage dooney and bouke 

H&M: Scarf 

Forever 21: Fedora

Jeffrey Campbell: Chelsea boots 

Photography: Karlos Pena 

Hello my beautiful readers, 

Today's look are for my boho babes! This dress is a perfect way to beat that summer heat! The dress is sheer and very breathable, I'm also wearing a slip dress underneath. I also think this dress could be usual as a bikini covering! Great piece to pack for it's multiple uses. I paired the fedora to help protect my face from the sun and paired some comfy booties. To spice up my look I paired it with a statement belt, thrifted a few years ago! It's a great way to help show off your tiny waist! It's great to pack a scarf in your purse to use as a wrap when the weather gets cold at night. Or you can steal the one your boyfriend is wearing ... Oops!

You can follow my daily life on my Instagram @khic_etiquette 

With much love,

Khailey Escobedo 

Music festival: Vintage Romance

Sunglasses: shop daddylongleg
I have the Calisi

English Rose: Dress 

Thrift: Crossbody 

Dollhouse: Oxfords 

Flower corns handmade by Farnaz Dadashi

First time using a sunglasse strap and I love it, they feel so secure.

On a side note,  I can't stop laughing, doesn't this look like the Mona Lisa smirk ? Hehehe

Photography: Olive Black

Coachella / music festival season is right around the corner and I'm here to help with some outfit inspirations! These looks are for the festivals that are scotching hot like Coachella, Burning man, Psychedelic fest ext. 

I will be creating outfits later in the year for the Oustidelands festival and first Monterey festival  were it can get very cold. 

Music festivals tend to last three days, you can style three different styles per day or create three looks within the same style. 

One on my favorite looks is the vintage romantic look.  Two years ago for Hardly Strictky Bluegrass I wore a white flowy dress with an orchid floral crown. For this look  I decided to braid my hair up and to curl the pieces that framed my face and pin my flower headband into the back of the braid. I pinned the flowers to the back so it wouldn't overpower my sunglasses. Another reason I decided to wear my hair up was for the heat, I didn't want to get a sweaty dancing! 

Sunglasses are from shopdaddylong, when I first saw the sunglasses I knew they screamed music festival, you don't really need any other accessories. You could just wear a simple white tee and blue denim shorts, the glasses would be a great statement on it's own! I also love the sunglass chain, it gives me extra security that I won't loose them.

My clothing of choice is always a dress, we should all know by now I'm a girly girl! Whenever you wear a short dress you should always wear some biker shorts underneath. You will be dancing potentially laying down on a comfy blanket and if you get really tired you may be getting a piggy back ride which are some of many reasons why you need to have some shorts! In this case I styled some orange shorts. 

I'm a heels warrior, meaning I will wear heels/platforms/ wedges for mostly every event that I can. I know not everyone is as stubborn as me so to keep this look cute and comfortable I added some oxfords! This way you can freely run and jump around! 

I only styled this dress for a festival outfit in mind and I am selling it on my Poshmark at Imkaii if anyone is interested! It's just a little too short for me! Only worn on this shoot!

You can follow my daily life on my Instagram @khic_etiquette 


Khailey Escobedo 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chanel IPhone Case Review

Hello beautifuls, 

I currently own the clear and black case and I love them so much.Here's a quick pro and con guide on my thoughts!

The case looks so chic, who doesn't love Chanel!
Currently, I haven't met anyone who owns the case other then one friend, so it's still unique.
You can always have your phone even if you don't have a purse or pocket.
The chain makes it easy to find in your purse.
It's a cute crossbody accessory!

These case's add a lot of bulk to your phone
The perfume top is fragile, mine is still in tack but my friends fell off after wearing it two times.
You can't wear the chain around your neck for selfies, they get In the way. 
If purchasing from Asia it could take some time to receive .


If you really can't handle the bulk then you can think about purchasing the rubber pastel cases. They're very Spring appropriate ❤️

Overall, I don't really have much to complain about other then bulkyness. If the case didn't come with a chain I wouldn't have bought it, or would have bought a pastel rubber case instead. 

All the links to the cases are on the bottom! 


Rhinestone case 


Black and white case 
Also rubber pastel color cases 

Can customize plate 

Feel free to ask me any additional questions! 

Khailey Escobedo